Appointed 1995
Civil Marriage Ceremonies, Naming,
and Re-affirmation of Vows


‘A wedding ceremony wherein the couple have composed and/or chosen the words must mean that the commitment will be deeper and more meaningful and thus give added strength to the marriage relationship.’

Civil Marriage Celebrants Program.


Janet Morice is well-known for her calm, simple and elegant presentation of wedding ceremonies, namings, or re-affirmations. Her priority is to help couples create something that is unique to them, and provides material that can be used as inspiration for their special day.

She has at least two meetings of approximately an hour’s length with each couple, and at the second meeting at her house, rehearses the ceremony to ensure that everything proceeds smoothly on the day.

Janet is a member of the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants, because she believes in their professional ethics.

Janet is also an English and Drama teacher, writer and historian.



Contact Information
11 Prospect Street
Paddington  NSW  2010 Australia.
Phone:  (02) 9360 6540   Mobile: 0414 400 224